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Monday, June 25, 2012

blogger is more crap 

I can't sign OUT. It won't let me go. Blogger has become the biggest pile of it. I asked somebody yesterday to help me move to a new site. I guess that's what the wizards at Blogger really want.

More rain 

Another 1.5 inches overnight. The total is at 5.5 now and it's raining again.
The phone has been knocked out. repair has been summoned.

Cabin fever is at max. I am tired of being indoors.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby 

We've complained in the past about storms and hurricanes that gave us little rain. Not so this time.
So far we've had 4 inches and it is still pouring.
The pool is overflowing. We will get out to pump it down as soon as we can catch a break in the steady pour.
We are so glad we got the tree planting and fertilizing done in time.
So far we have power, but the phone is out. Whenever the box gets wet, it shorts out after the first ring....either that or there's a frog inside trying to stay dry and it's causing the short. Again, as soon as there is a let up, I'll check it out.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


I just tried a post and Blogger completely locked me out. This is no fun at all any more.

I was going to say what a bad couple of days I was having because 2 people asked me to review stories for them. I did not use the old Palm Group Approach of "It was great! I loved it." but in fact I gave them feed back.

Story 1 had no plot...zero...and I said so.
Story 2...well. ditto.

Now those people are mad at me.

Next time I'll remember to lie and say "I wonder what's wrong that people can't see the greatness of your epic."

I can't imagine that I want to write any more fiction in my lifetime anyway. I just want to stick to nice easy facts. That pays better anyway and I am motivated by the paycheck. I'll just stay alone out here in the countryside where it's safe...just wildlife to contend with.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dear Sears 

I went to Sears today. I got Plant Daddy a spark plug for the chainsaw, but they did not have the fuel line.

At the check out, I overheard the other clerk tell his customer that the Sanford Mall is going to be remodeled a la the Winter Park Mall/Village.

After I paid, I wandered over to the Sears Appliance section.
Nobody was there but me.

A saleslady came up to me and asked me what I was shopping for.
This made me feel happy since mostly sales people do not approach me.

“I am shopping for a new TV and a new coffee pot today,” I said to her.

She pointed behind her and said, “The TV’s are over there.”
She pointed to her left; “The coffee pots are over there.”

And then she walked away.

I bought the Mr. Coffee at Target today.
I stopped at Ace Hardware and got the fuel line on the way home.
I will buy the new TV at Walmart later this week.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Just a note to tell you that our internet provider is going to be out of order tomorrow. If you send any emails, please check to see that they make it here. We will also not have any cable tv. It will be like the 1960's again!

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