The process of creating my mosaic art pieces.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mosaic Halloween Pumpkin 


Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Why did I submit Drabble to a poetry competetion?

Why was I surprised to get a rejection notice?


We were just falling asleep last night when the phone rang. Little Mind Escape was en route to home in a AAA tow truck. Her starter had been balky for a week and finally died at 1AM at a 7-11 in Lake Mary.

Bright and early this morning Plant Daddy got one more turn over out of the old starter then took it to Apopka for a repair and an all's well ending. The little Sentra is on the road again.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Craft Fair 

I had a table at the craft fair at Waterman Village today. Thank goodness it was an indoor event...the temps this afternoon were 91!

I usually don't sell a whole lot at craft fairs...people say "I can do that mosaic stuff at home". But I usually cover expenses. Today was just an indicator of the slow economy. People were not spending at all. I made a total of $2.00. Sigh!

But at least the organizers gave me a nice free lunch. A delicious ham and cheeze on a croissant with chips, cookies and a coke. Now that's what I call a good day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seed Mosaic Birdhouses 

Everything is packed into the toyota ready to go to the craft fair tomorrow, including these mosaic seed birdhouses...

It is record hot again today...we'll break above the 90 degree mark. The tomatoes in the garden were wilted just after lunch so I watered them. Also the beets and broccoli. If it doesn't cool soon the heat may be lethal to the peas.
On the radio, everyone's talking about moving to Tennessee to escape the furnace. I wish I could!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Writers One Flight Up Contest 

Writers One Flight Up in Mt Dora is having a little writing contest.
The prompt is "Bacon, Eggs, and Re-Grits".

Click here for more details...and enter!

(What if you grew up on hash browns? Can you find meaning in this prompt?
Do Yankees have a deep emotional connection to potatoes the way Southerners have with grits?)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Mosaic Pumpkin 

I phoned to confirm that I will be a participant in the craft show on Thursday. Hope the folks like my mosaics!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sweet Potato Haul 

Tonight from the garden, we harvested...
Yellow Squash, yellow and green beans, 3 cucumbers and a whole bunch of little sweet potatoes and one ginormous, 3 lb. 4 oz. jumbo sweet potato!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The weather is hot.
It is disgustingly hot.
Not funny any more hot.
It hit another record high again today.

The fan in the mosaic studio died this week. So Plant Daddy and I ran up to Lowe’s this morning to buy a new one.

We laughed because there at the garden center were rhubarb plants, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard, and Brussels sprouts. There were pansies and petunias. All were heat stressed.

When the temps are 90 degrees, these fall veggies are toast! You should avoid buying them. But the Yankees were on those pansies like all get out.

What a hoot because the new weather forecast says the cold front will not be here as predicted next week. The coolest day next week will be 86! Woo hoo! break out the parkas!

But something really, really good came out of the heat today. Something that I must say delighted me…

The Bicycle Festival is going on this weekend despite the heat.

As PD and I were on the way home from Lowe’s headed east, the bikers were coming up the road towards the west.

We were on high alert lest on-coming traffic pull into our lane as they try to pass the bikers. So we were watching carefully. And what did we see?

The most miserable, hot, sweaty, red faced, panting bicyclists anywhere!

These folks were redder than spaghetti sauce. They were sunburned and there was not a cloud in the sky today. Not a breeze was blowing. Humidity is at max.

The bikers’ costumes were obviously drenched in sweat, That stretchy nylon probably isn’t breathable. Beads of sweat were pouring out from under those bizarre helmets they are required by law to wear. They were cooked! They were worse off than the wilted winter vegetables we had just visited.

We got to the driveway and I hopped out to unlock the gate. A stream of them pumped by on the road so I got an up close view..

They weren’t chatting with each other. They were making groaning noises with each stroke of the pedals. Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! They were gasping. They were miserable.

I was so happy!

Then the best thing ever…Our fire truck came a racing up the road. All the bikers had to move out of the way. Plant Daddy and I went inside and unpacked our fan and caulk and in a few minutes we heard the air ambulance helicopter!

Hooray! I shouted. “One of them has dropped from heat stroke. Those people were too stupid to stay inside in the air conditioning.”

OMG! Here’s a clue. If it is so hot that tomatoes and bell peppers are wilting in the heat, do not try to do a 60 mile bicycle ride at 2PM!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mosaic Flower Yard Sculpture 

Plant Daddy cut a pansy shape out of metal. I have now got all the tesserae on and glued down. Once the pieces are dry and secure, I can apply grout and we will have another giant yard flower mosaic sculpture...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obituaries from the old home town 

Keeping up with news, weather and obituaries from La Grange, Ga.

Ted Duncan.
Buddy Ledford and
Johnny Funderburk

Buddy Ledford …owned Ledford’s Grocery Store. When we were riding horses at our family’s hobby farm, if we got hungry, we’d walk across the street/highway and buy a couple of pulled pork sandwiches at this little grocery. Those sandwiches were the tastiest ever…I’ve remembered their deliciousness for 50 years!

Johnny Funderburk…I remember visiting the Funderburk house one time and they had a Doberman pinscher! They had named this dog “Satan”. Back in the 1970’s this was not a commonly seen breed and I was terrified.

Ted Duncan…was our family lawyer and was still a friend of my Mom. I still remember his daughter Ellen, who was my age but who died when she ran a stop sigh and got hit by a large truck. Very sad.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Frilly Philly Philodendron 

Here is the Frilly Philly Philodendron growing on my windowsill in the kitchen.

I really love the spiky look of the foliage. It grows very thickly, too, not straggly.
(the sprouts in the egg carton were for an article for the local botanical garden newsletter about recycling)

I am currently just waiting...waiting on a local writing contest to announce, waiting on 2 regionals and waiting on one national. It's like I'm stuck. Don't feel like creating any new stories till I know how these turned out.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

holly heist 

The tree boys clearing the power lines last week cut this holly down and sawed it into nice logs. The juicy logs were stacked neatly in the front yard curing and waiting to crackle in my fireplace this winter. Well...
Bigger n a big dog and who'd'a'thought it somebody hopped the fence and stole our logs! Dang! A holly heist!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sweet Potato Harvest Time 

The best thing about October in the garden is Sweet Potato Harvest!

We planted the slips back in March and have waited and waited. At last the cool weather signals time to dig 'em up and see what we got.

The answer this year is...not much.

We haven't tended them since June; it's been too gosh darn hot! We abandoned them and left them on their own to deal with weeds, insects, nematodes and...this year...some Erwinia soft rot.

This represents about 3 mounds. We have about 8 or 9 more to dig yet...so we're not shut out, but we vow next year not to be so neglectful.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mt Dora Parking Wars! 

I went for a haircut today. Got a very nice wash and trim and fluff and dry. Then I decided to go to downtown Mt Dora and see if I could rustle up a copy of the Fall Issue of Pulse Magazine cause a friend of mine who is a really really good poet is the featured writer.

There were no festivals going on today, but if you think there were any parking spots, think again! I tried all the public lots and tried curb parking all the way up to Grandview. Whooee! I can't hike that far!

Even the 15 minute temporary pick up slots were full. So no magazine for me. I gave up and drove home.

Plant Daddy and I spent the rest of the afternoon raking and tree trimming and fertilizing the veggies. Then we enjoyed fresh yellow squash and zucchini, lettuce salad with our fresh persimmons and our own raspberries (probably about the last of the season) and the left over pork roast from yesterday. We had earned our hearty vegetable dinner!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Central Florida Fall Garden 

Here's another look at the fall garden crops...maybe they'll actually thrive once the weather cools into the 80's tomorrow...

Here's the persimmon trees...we had to harvest them a little early because the woodpeckers were punching holes in them...and in the back of the field doing the final grass mowing of the year it's Plant Daddy on his Ford!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amazon dot CON 

As sleazy as it is, I ordered 2 books from Amazon.com.

I lucked out and got good sellers this time. Both delivered. But crappy Amazon is now reporting that I cancelled the first order...I did not! I read that book yesterday...I think they are trying to screw the seller...which is why I quit selling for them...they kept finding new and creative ways to make it hard and expensive for the sellers...I emailed the corrections and if necessary, I will pay the seller directly...I wish I had used Powell's Books, but they didn't carry the title...ANYWAY...

I got the first book at 11AM and finished it at midnight, with an evening of television in between. My eyes ached so bad, eye strain, so I will not read this second book and the 2 magazines in one sitting today.

But this should indicate to you that it is still too hot to go out to the garden. And if I went out, I'd blind myself because the sunlight is so intense. This is the worst October weather I can recall. Grrrrr.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Went to endocrinologist yesterday. Will report when the blood tests come back.

Went to 2 banks and waited in long lines after the holiday. Dropped bills in the mail and sent my Mom a placemat for her doggie's water bowl.

Plant Daddy filled the car with gas which was soooo nice so I didn't have to stand in the heat and smell like petroleum before I went to the doctor.

He had a mac and cheeze casserole waiting for me when I got home. Now that's love!

We were just about to go out to the garden when we got a light rain. The water always helps the plants, but the heat is still here. It's supposed to leave in a day or 2 or 3.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Florida October Heat Wave 

Many a June, I have scotch taped newspaper onto my windows to keep the heat from radiating through the glass.

Many a July have I bobbed in 86 degree water in the pool.

Many an August have I yanked electric cords on electronics and phones out ahead of thunderstorms,

Every September I weep as I drag hoses in the heat to save the vegetables and shrubs, and I sob because I know people in the North are cool but I'm still sweating.

But I have never had to do all of the above in OCTOBER!!!

Today starts our 7th day above 90 and we have been hitting 92, 93 every day. We are as confined to the indoors as if it were a winter storm.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Happy News 

This news item made me very happy.
It comes from a blog called Philorthodox

On Thursday, 3 September
in the Year of Our Lord 2009
a Very Special Mass
will be Celebrated
in the Chapel
of All Saints Convent
Catonsville, Maryland
with the Archbishop of Baltimore -
Edwin O'Brien - as the Chief Celebrant
During this Mass
all but two sisters will be received into full communion with the Holy See.

I left the episcopalians decades ago. I guess I was just ahead of the curve.
I used to be inspired by the holy cards this convent sold and I enjoyed their stationery. Now that they have come home, I think I will order my Christmas cards from them.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Chia Pet for Frilly Philly 

Plant Daddy's new Philodendron 'Frilly Philly' looks great in the Sponge Bob Chia pet container because the leaves are spikey not heart-shaped. Makes it look like real punk rock hair.

What we need to find is a Mr. T chia pet!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Florida Gardening Fall Tomatoes 

After 3 months without fresh food, the garden is finally starting to yeild. We harvested the first cucumbers yesterday. I'll harvest the first green beans tonight if the heat breaks a little this evening. Temps are still mid 90's.

We worked on the tomatoes last night. Attaching plants to stakes and dusting the caterpillars! Grrr.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tree Trimmers 

On a hot afternoon...it's a heat index of 99, actual temperature 91...

On a day I would just like to relax a little and plan my writing for the next few months...

The tree trimmers show up to clear the power lines.

Buzz. Thunk. Buzz. Thunk.
Buzzzz. KaThunk.


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Glass Blocks Bathroom Shower Wall 

The new shower is wonderful! All that light coming through that wall is amazing.
We gained only 1 inch of space but it feels so large, it ought to have its own zip code.

Plant Daddy was first in...he took care of all the yuck that flushed out of the new plumbing.

Then my turn. The shower head feels so nice...no algae stopping up the stream.

I vow to keep it clean. I wipe it dry as soon as I step out.

I love the ceiling mount shower curtain. When the curtain in the other bathroom has to be replaced, I will change it to a ceiling mount, too.

The mirror is gorgeous even tho it is only the old mirror with a new frame.

The decorator called first thing this morning to ask how the new bathroom was. In short, "Delightful"

If you need me in the next few days, I'll be in the shower!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Gorgeous Shower 

It's finally done!

We'll get to use it tonight!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sixth Year Blogging! 

Happy Blogging Anniversary to Me!

Hard to believe it's been that long. Two-thousand two hundred plus posts! It started out as a bulletin board and morphed into a diary. I just don't feel complete on the day till I've posted up to the blog!

October 4th is also the anniversary of St Francis of Asisi. He was patron saint of animals I think. Therefore, out of respect, I will not tell you the Zeus vs squirrel story till tomorrow.

I borrowed this artwork from mark sanislo gallery.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fall Florida Gardening 

For me, gardening season STARTS at Labor Day. Runs till Memorial Day. So my season has started and I am excited about all the planting going on!
Here's the yellow squash, zucchini squash and eggplant...after all the temperatures will be 92 degrees most of the week ahead! These will be happy plants.

The carrot seedlings and the beet seedlings that just germinated are going to be struggling in this heat. I proposed that we bring them indoors into the air conditioner.
"Only if we can put the pots in your new shower," said PD.
That was the end of that idea.

BTW supposedly they are coming to hang the new curtain on Monday.
(perhaps you think that odd. "Why can't she hang her own shower curtain?" you are thinking. Well, they are installing a track in the ceiling. This is the disadvantage of having built a glass block wall.I cannot put a tension rod against the mortar joints, so ceiling was the only option.)

I am off to the Ace Hardware in Mt Dora today. I called. They said they have onion sets! Maybe I'll pick up another bell pepper too.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Epipremnum Short Story 

I wrote a short (500 word) story this summer about Pothos Plant. I entered it in a local contest (Flights of Fantasy). It didn't win.

Therefore here's the story for your amusement. Enjoy!

Fly Me to the Moon

“Thank you for choosing Galaxy Tours as your space travel providers today.” The shuttle lurched and slowed. Kevin braced while macro-magnets locked ship to dock at the hotel port. He adjusted gold-braided epaulettes on his tour guide uniform, blew into the microphone for attention and concluded his landing routine, “A last reminder, folks…”

His interstellar passengers were already abuzz, snatching travel packs and cameras and herding their young towards their destination dream vacation.

“…while enjoying your stay on the planet Epipremnum …remember, the breezes here induce thigmomorphogenesis. Use caution outdoors. Thank you again and watch your step.”

“Thigmo-what?” squawked a pasty Terran female from the back of the bus.

“Thigmo meaning touch; morpho meaning shape; genesis, change,” Kevin cautioned, returning the mike to its cradle. “The climate on this planet changes you. It turns you into a vegetable. That’s why this is such a relaxing vacation spot.”

“Huh?” snorted an elderly Martian shoving from behind. The line had stopped moving. A family of Dendrons spilled their passports getting off and their hairy tendrils blocked passengers behind them.

“Well, Sir,” Kevin responded politely, angling for a tip from the Martian, “you swap your iPod for a peapod. You peel away stress like layers of an onion. No more carrot and stick work-a-day office routine. You actually vege out when you contact the atmosphere.”

The small, purple Martian grunted but didn’t smile.

Kevin escorted the tourist shuttle twice a day, every day. Terrans and Martians were notoriously bad tippers, but Kevin could usually charm the rings off a Saturnian. He was a zygomorphic clone. Left/right identical, his good looks were genetically engineered to appeal to most species. He tried again.

“On Epipremnum, visitors develop a green thumb within a day or two. They feel cool as a cucumber as moist winds blow across their faces. Families stretch out by the pool and roast like red hot chili peppers. They go nuts for the rhythmic waves at the beach and behave in ways they would never dream of acting at home.” A pointy chinned Colocasian tourist pressed a tip into Kevin’s hand. Kevin smiled and saluted.

The line cleared and started to move again. Kevin bent and helped the Terran hoist her satchel. “If you stay here too long, your belly will swell like a breadfruit, sometimes it even becomes as large as a watermelon. It’s the thigmo effect in vacationland.”


“Yes, M’am,” he cooed to the senior woman, “no one’s allowed to stay more than two weeks. After that, you sink to the IQ of a leafy green vegetable. That’s it in a nutshell.”

“Oh” she grunted, exiting into brilliant sunshine.

“Last passenger off,” sighed the pilot. “Ready to reload and back haul?”

“They never listen,” Kevin bitched out loud.

“Didn’t get your tip?”

“No, it’s more than that,” said Kevin. “Look.” He pointed out the window of the spaceship across the hotel plaza at a couple they’d delivered two days before. “Forty-eight hours and already they’re as red as beets.”

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