The process of creating my mosaic art pieces.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Hate Halloween! Grrr! 

I do hate Halloween...and it's something Plant Daddy and I have in common. He hates it too.

Halloween and Prom night....
If I have a mailbox standing at dawn it'll be a miracle!

(Besides, I've eaten 5 tootsie rolls for dessert and I'm buzzed on the sugar.Grrr!)

Monday, October 30, 2006

BBQ Committee 

Carole Simmons, Susan Guch and Violet Irminger at the Friends of the Horticultural Learning Center, Discovery Gardens BBQ on Saturday.

What are the chances of knowing 2 people named Sue Gooch/Guch in a life time?

I knew a Sue Gooch in Gainesville. She helped me move from one apartment to another because she had a van!

This Sue Guch pictured is a local artist/gardener.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mosaic classes 

This morning I spent a little time over at the SAMA website adjusting the class schedules and posting a new photo!

More about Discovery Gardens...

At the BBQ yesterday, I ran into Glenn Barnes.

He runs a greenhouse and grows PlantDaddy’s Dieffenbachia “Stripes”, Aglaonema
“Golden Bay”, and Aglaonema "Silver Bay".

He also grows Partha’s “Jewels of India” Aglaonema. I had just been thinking about Partha (our plant breeder friend in Bangalore, India) while I was visiting the Indian Spice grocery! I had wished he was there to advise me on recipes!

I looked those spices up on Google.

Anardana powder is dried powdered pomegranate. It goes in potato recipes.

Amchur powder is green mango, dried and powdered. It is used as a souring agent. I think I will try that like lemon juice on fish.

But then there was Fenugreek!

Apparently Fenugreek is a known hormone pre-curser that causes your breasts to swell up and lactate!

Holy Bergeebers!
I am a menopausal roller coaster anyway! I don’t need to be ingesting a known hormone precursor…I have enough hot flashes and mood swings as it is, thank you very much!

I am going to have to limit my Indian food fix to once a week till I’m sure I don’t react!

These Master Gardeners clap to the Bluegrass music and serve BBQ...no Fenugreek here.
The lady in the green shirt does stained glass mosaics!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mosaic Mom's Very Good Day 

Today I went to a brand new store in Tavares...India Spice Bazaar!
Yes! Yes! Yes!

I stocked up on Tumeric and cloves and yellow daal. And the guy said, while you're cooking daal, add Black Kokum for taste.

I have no idea what that is ...so I bought it!

I also got anardana powder and amchur powder which I have no idea what to do with...but you can put anything on chicken, right?

Then I wound up the day at the botanical gardens at the BBQ where they put an excellent sauce on the chicken

and I listened to Blue Grass Music! A-plus day!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Mosaic Class Cancelled 

Sculptural Mosaics didn't make minimum enrollment of 5 students, so it will not run.

The next class opportunity will be "Garden Mosaics" beginning in mid-January.

Sigh...Drawing didn't make; neither did either writers course. Wonder how golf did?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mosaic Class Schedule...Starts next week! 

Beginning One Stroke Painting
Learn the basics of this popular method from a “One Stroke” certified instructor. Learn to paint flowers and leaves on any surface. Proper brush loading, blending and basic stroke work will be addressed.
5 Tuesdays Nov. 7 - Dec. 5 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Mt. Dora High School - Bldg. 3, Rm. 110 Fee: $52
700 N. Highland Avenue, Mt. Dora 32757
Material list: #1171 brush set, #1172 ¾ scruffy, #1174 ¼ scruff, paper towels ,wax paper, and styrofoam plates.
Note: A project will be completed during each class. Material cost $2.00 - $4.00 per

One Stroke Painting for the Holidays
During this holiday class, we will paint a cornucopia for Thanksgiving and learn to paint holly, poinsettias, holiday flowers and berries on different surfaces including wood, glass, ornaments, and fabric using the new fabric paint. A project will be completed each week.
5 Thursdays Nov. 2 - Dec. 7 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
(No class Nov. 23)
Mt. Dora High School - Bldg. 3, Rm. 110 Fee: $52
700 N. Highland Avenue, Mt. Dora 32757
Material list: Bring brushes, wax paper, paper towels and foam plates.
Note: A project will be completed during each class. Approximate cost $2.00 - $5.00.

Sculptural Mosaics
Add sparkle to your holidays! Apply mirror and glass mosaic on 3D surfaces to create intensely reflective candle stand, planter, or globe. Students must provide their own safety glasses.
7 Mondays Oct. 30 - Dec. 11 5:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Tavares High School - Bldg. 2, Rm. 112 Fee: $76
603 N. New Hampshire, Tavares 32778
Note: Material fee of $10.00 per project to cover glass and mirror tesserae, sculptural forms, adhesives, paint, grout and sealants.

Begin an art adventure which offers a lifetime of creative challenges and pleasures. We will explore color mixing, brush techniques and special effects with watercolor, as well as develop some basic drawing skills. We will create a new painting each week.
7 Mondays Oct. 30 - Dec. 11 5:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Tavares High School - Bldg. 2, Rm. 112 Fee: $96
603 N. New Hampshire, Tavares 32778
Note: Materials may be purchased from the instructor.

Any questions, call 352-253-6780.

Get Published: From Start to Finish
Explore techniques to improve your writing, and learn how to
transform your story concept or poem into a polished piece of work, ready for publishing. Learn how to avoid common grammatical and structural mistakes. Receive tips to research and enter the Writer’s Market, and learn how to prepare your submission for consideration.
6 Wednesdays Nov. 1 - Dec. 13 6:45 - 8:45 p.m.
(No class Nov. 22)
Mt. Dora High School - Bldg. 3 Rm 110 Fee: $62
700 N. Highland Avenue, Mt. Dora 32757

Get Started Writing Your Novel!
Do you have an idea for a novel, but aren’t sure how to get started? Learn to develop a design document – a structured plan to transform your story concept into book form. Receive instruction on plot & character development, creating dialogue, and avoiding common grammatical errors and structural mistakes. Progress through the ten steps of pre-planning your novel, and receive feedback on your work.
7 Mondays Oct. 30 - Dec. 11 6:45 - 8:45 p.m.
Mt. Dora High School - Bldg 3 Rm 110 Fee: $72
700 N. Highland Avenue, Mt. Dora 32757
Materials needed: A story concept, and note-taking materials. Student will be required to provide multiple copies of their work for classroom discussion throughout the course.

Basic Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga is a gentle, holistic form of exercise which combines stretching, breathing and relaxation to promote physical and mental health. It is for all ages and physical capabilities. Wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing.
6 Wednesdays Nov. 1 - Dec. 13 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
(No class Nov. 22)
Institute of Public Safety Fee: $58
12900 Lane Park Cutoff Road - Room 404
Tavares, FL 32778

Beginning Golf
Enjoy the warm winters in Lake County and learn how to play golf! Bring your golf clubs and learn from a pro how to putt and drive using basic golf fundamentals. You will improve your game with the proper grip, posture, stance, and back swing.
6 Tuesdays Oct. 31 - Dec. 5 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
Clerbrook Resort Fee: $60
20005 US Hwy 27, Clermont 34715

6 Tuesdays Oct. 31 - Dec. 5 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Water Oak Golf
645 Hickory Hill, Lady Lake 32159 Fee: $60
Must bring “Ben Hogan Modern Fundamental” book by David Ledbetter & purchase basket of balls from pro shop for each class. All students must have own golf equipment.

Intermediate Golf
Become a more proficient golfer. This class is for the more advanced or for those who have completed Beginning Golf.
6 Tuesdays Oct. 31 - Dec. 5 10:30- 11:30 a.m.
Clerbrook Golf Resort Fee: $60
20005 US Hwy 27, Clermont 34715

6 Tuesdays Oct. 31 - Dec. 5 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Water Oak Golf
645 Hickory Hill, Lady Lake 32159 Fee: $60
Must bring “Ben Hogan Modern Fundamental” book by David Ledbetter & purchase basket of balls from pro shop for each class. All students must have own golf equipment.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Writers' Potluck 

Last night our Get Published class came over for a potluck.

A) I love potluck suppers. We had ham and biscuits and potato casserole, corn casserole, chicken casserole, salsa, cookies, toffee, apple cake. I love getting so many flavors in one meal.

B) The mosaic studio had never looked cleaner. Yay Plant Daddy, cleaner scrubber man extraordinaire!

C) Tracy worked on the Treasure Island Mosaic Plant Stand, kind of as a proof reader for me. I have to teach this project to a group of 15 ladies on Nov 14th. When Tracy did the practice run, I saw where the rough spots were that need a little more teaching or explaination.

We’re not going to meet regularly as a critique group, but we all exchanged addresses, email, etc so that we can get together for review work when someone needs it. We’re all in the research stages of our writing. Speaking of which, …

I phoned Sam Hornsby today to ask what he remembered about the time Flannery O’Connor came to speak to our school group. I talked to the machine, but hope I get a call back.

I can write the story regardless, but I wish I could get the facts about the date.

Oh yes…PS…Lake Adult Ed asked me to write an article for the Orlando Sentinel about the upcoming classes, which I did. I specifically asked for a by-line.

My article was in today’s paper…2 sentences changed and Debbie Manis’s by-line. Grrrr.
Fool me once…

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Daytona/Sturgis Bikefests 

The exchange of power poles is almost over. This morning a crew pulled all the old poles out of the ground and laid them alongside the highway. Once the last crew tosses them on a trailer and hauls them away, our 4 month ordeal to get new poles is over.

I kind miss the old power poles. The Storm of the Century back in 1989 (?) blew tornadoes from southwest to northeast and all the old poles leaned northeast as a reminder to stay prepared for any weather.

I have changed clothes 3 times today, upgrading to warmer and warmer choices each time. We have gone from record heat to record cold in 48 hours. It really makes dressing a challenge.

My sister lives where it is mostly cold. I live where it is mostly hot.
What do we have in common?

Answer: Motorcycles.

She lives near Sturgis.
I live near Daytona.

We are having Biketoberfest.
Biketoberfest is having record breaking numbers of biker deaths this year.

I invited my writer class over for a potluck tonight. If the cold wind stops howling, we will have a nice evening.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Naive Mosaic Artists 

Beginning artists, mosaic or in any medium, need to read this.

Top 10 Lies Told to Naive Artists and Designers by Mark W. Lewis

It's an excellent refresher course in business sense!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


This is the little 500 word story I wrote for the "Get Published" class I took. I hope you enjoy it!

By Mosaic Mom

“Goddam Velcro,” he hissed, watching the words condense in the cold air. His left thumb pried at the tab that locked the whole contraption of spokes and nylon shut. As his right hand jerked the icy bamboo handle, the blond wood flooded him with tropical warmth.

The umbrella was a souvenir from his honeymoon in Fiji a dozen years ago. What a trophy he’d won when he’d claimed his college sweetheart as his own. His Southern Belle bride had loved the bamboo tiki bar at the spa. Wearing a saffron silk sarong, she danced on ukulele strings and swayed to rum drinks served in coconuts. Warmed by jasmine scent on ocean breezes, their arms and legs entwined in love as the pink hibiscus blossom in her long butternut hair fell crushed between them. They had joy.

Jetting home to Boston, he held her hand. “I promise you a tiki every year,” he whispered, “ a vacation back in this warm place.” Then he turned his pirate eyes away from her and towards his future as a banker.

The money corporation gobbled him in chunks as tiki memory froze in ever-colder winters. Banking cannibalized his life, yet he loved his steely rise to the top of the glass cage. She begged for time and attention. Every Christmas, she whispered Bali Hai, longing for a respite from the cold and a chance to warm and bloom in love again.

She made no friends. He allowed no messy children or small pets to tie them down. For soul revival, she’d visit her retired folks in Hialeah every January. Each year she’d tote a gift and his new excuse.

“Where’s Kurt, dear?”
“It’s tax season.”

“Can’t the newly promoted department head join us?”
“IRS audit.”

“Where’s Junior Vice-President Kurt?”

“You’re so pale, dear. Are you all right?”
When her parents died, she visited the sun no more.

He hardly noticed when she caught the flu on New Year’s Day at a corporate party. She warmed with fever. “See a doctor. Get some pills,” he commanded on Monday morning, umbrella on his arm for a soggy commute. No peck on her cheek lest that contagion jump his bones.

Her barking cough annoyed him as he edited the homework contents of his briefcase in their bed.

“Can’t the doctor prescribe something stronger?”
“I’m fine,” she lied, shivering with fever.

He shrugged it off; dismissed the symptoms as weakness or hysteria. He made no time to tend her until a seizure had forced this emergency rush to the hospital today.

“Go make arrangements,” was all the granite doctor had to say.

With a final jab of thumbnail, spokes launched but the umbrella roof he saw was not Tahiti thatch. Black nylon and aluminum were thin membrane, indeed, to shield his head as he stepped from the hospital portico into the icy January Boston rain.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Chris Daniel's Funeral 

The Lake County Sheriff passed away and 10,000 people are expected at the funeral this morning.

The main roads around here are going to be shut down for 4 hours for the procession.

I think it will be a quiet day with less road traffic on our road, unless they use it to cut all the way over to the Turnpike?, but there will definitely be more helicopters toting news crews and dignataries (if the fog lifts).

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bizzz Bizzz Bizzassa 

Grrr! The electrician was supposed to arrive today and install a ceiling fan in the mosaic studio. He's a no show. Grrr.

I worked on a strawberry pot till lunch time, but will not work out there this afternoon. It is 90 degrees at noon and will climb higher in the next few hours.

We've had no rain at all.

Can you spell Saudi Arabia?
Cause that's what Florida is going to look like by next June.

Meanwhile, another 4000 houses are approved to be built a few miles from here. What are they supposed to do for irrigation, toilets, cooking water, etc? Buy Evian?

I guess I am testy. Lots of heat and no relief in sight. Grrr.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Next Mosaic Class Schedule Available 

This is the article the papers will use to announce classes.You have to look down to the next to the last paragraph, but there I am!

Community Education
Fall Classes
East meets West: Yoga Class, Novel Writing among New Course Offerings

Are you ready to write your great American novel?

“Get Started Writing Your Novel” is a new Quest course offered by Lake County Schools, Community Education this session. Published writer Sherry Hays will instruct students how to transform a story concept into book form.

“A fiction writer develops a plan on paper, much like a business document,” said Hays, a graduate of Florida State University Creative Writing Program. “The plan details the action, theme and the emotional development of a story before the first draft is ever written. Once the plan is in place, the novel almost writes itself.”

The novel writing class is offered beginning Monday, October 30th and “Get Published: From Start to Finish”, which maps the publishing process for writers of all genres and poetry starts November 1st. Both classes are held at Mt Dora High School.

If twisting yourself into shape is preferable to plot twists, “Basic Hatha Yoga” may be the class for you. Instructor Cathy Benton returns to teach gentle stretching and breathing exercises at the Institute of Public Safety in Tavares on Wednesday mornings. “Beginning and Intermediate Golf” also offers opportunity for exercise.

New art classes include “Sculptural Mosaics” and “One Stroke Painting for the Holidays” along with returning favorite, “Watercolor Painting”.

Class schedules are available at local libraries, Lake Technical Center located in Eustis and at the Community Education office located in Howey-in-the-Hills. Registration is under way and enrollment is limited in certain classes. For more information, call Community Education at 352-253-6780.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Mosaics vs Chores 

What I want to do today: Mosaic

What I need to do today: Laundry

Tough Choice.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Flower Shows 

I’ve been to a lot of flower shows in my life.
I started young…

“Get in the goddam car, now,” my Dad would shriek.
This would indicate the start another happy outing with Grandmother to the camellia show.

Grandmother was such an unpleasant person, my Dad composed a song about her…

Don’t drive down my driveway,
Don’t walk on my grass.
Don’t you pick my flowers,
Or I’ll kick your ass.

It was extraordinary language for the 1960’s. Extraordinary! Our whole family would sing it driving from our house to hers.
Except that she produced exquisite flowers, she was a real piece of work.

In college, I went with the horticulture club to a flower show at Starke Prison.
There was a Twilight Zone episode for you! Parade a group of attractive coeds in front of convicts at a flower show. Whose idea was that?

One of the professors was working with the prisoners for job training or something. If we wanted a better grade in his class, we went on this field trip.

In graduate school, a group of us students attended a flower show in support of the farm manager. He was an emotionally volatile queen. If you didn’t go, he might spray your graduate research plot with Round-up. He was a piece of work, too. But there ended up being stunning arrangements of chrysanthemums at that show and that made the afternoon happy.

I have been to rose shows, daylily shows, orchid shows and Bonsai shows.

Still, the shows I like best are like the one I visited yesterday with the arranged flowers.

It’s a happy event to go look at flower arrangements.
I think they’re beautiful!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sue's Flowers 

I went to a flower show at the Ag Center this morning and who should I meet but my friend Sue!

She ran a garden center at the time I ran a nursery and we got to visit often back then. These days both of us are enjoying other activities and thanking God we aren't loading plants onto trucks every spring. She is one of the best, nicest people I have ever known. Maybe our circles will overlap again and we'll visit more often.

Sue's arrangement is the one here with the gold plate and the Blue Ribbon First Prize! Yay!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Mosaic Display Shelves 

I am so happy!
The pink shelves that used to be in Little Mind Escape's room painted up nicely and have become mosaic display.

It is soooo wonderful not to have mosaics all over the house and studio. Now they're in one spot for a nice view.

The electrician is scheduled next week to pull conduit and install a ceiling fan!

I love my little studio!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mosaics is not the Answer 

My favorite way to spend time is Speculating.

From the minute I open my eyes… I spin the wheels of “What if…”, “Maybe …” and “They”. I don’t even have to hop out of bed to start.

Speculation rises from my psyche as reliably as geyser spew in Yellowstone Park. It is who I am on any given day, at any given moment. I am the giant chess game in my head.

Speculating can be applied to any topic at all.

Health…”Will I catch it?”

Politics…”Will they catch him?”

Environment…”They need to protect the bunnies.”

Gardening…”Kill the bunnies that ate my broccoli!”

Family offers an unlimited feast.
“What if my husband’s new boss is a fisherman?”
“What if my daughter is kidnapped by terrorists in Tavares?”
“Maybe my sister will freeze to death in South Dakota?”

Creativity is speculation.

Mosaics…”What if I put that color here? What if I try a mirrored surface there? What do people need from a beginner class?”

Writing…”What if Character A runs over Character B with an SUV? How would the plot move after that? “

I like pure speculation. Placing a bet forces a commitment that I don’t want to make. I want to speculate and move on…like bubbles in the chocolate milk…

I love projection, supposition, theory, and conjecture. I do it all the time. I speculate therefore I am.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time Passages 

Tuesday night Writers Class is good beyond my ability to express it. I am absorbing lots, and taking notes on the overflow for later consumption. Once trained in “Who, What, Where, When, Why” journalism, I have learned new pathways and formats to use for fiction writing. Mwahaha!

Barb Doll’s art room continues to be a source of inspiration for me. She had an assignment written for her students on the dry erase board…“Draw your favorite way to spend time.”

I thought I would turn that into an essay…Write your favorite way to spend time…

First, I had to complete the sentence…”My favorite way to spend time is…???…

That wasn’t as easy as it looked at first blush. You would think the answer might be mosaics or gardening or cooking, but…

It was like those questions embedded in the concrete cross in front of St Marks Episcopal Church in LaGrange GA. “Who are you? Where are you going? Why?”

There’s temporal answers and there’s spiritual answers.

So my answer to “What’s your favorite way to spend time” took a while, but I got it and can now turn it into essay form. (Watch for future essay post).

Think about it and send me your thoughts.

What’s your favorite way to spend time?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mosaic cat 

Zeus! Bad Cat! Bad Cat!
You slept on my photographic background cloth!

(The note...in Plant Daddy's handwriting...reads "I slept here. Thanx, Zeus")

Monday, October 09, 2006

Mosaic Studio Remodel 

That Plant Daddy is totally awesome! He used his auto jacks to move the pool table out of the mosaic studio.

Then we moved the ping-pong table into the room to create a student work table. Yay! It feels so much more spacious.

I still have to paint the book cases/display shelves. If Zeus decides to sleep on the photographic background and shed his white cat hairs, I will scream! Grrr.

And I need to re-locate the mosaic Christmas tree sitting on the table with the beads covered in a plastic dust cover. But it's moving along nicely.
Thanks Plant Daddy!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jimmy and June's New Nest 

Our friends from New Orleans have relocated to Florida.

They have built a beautiful new house...gorgeous wood floors inside!...and they have a New Orleans style fountain in the front yard. This landscape will be lush and green in short order. And no doubt a greenhouse will sprout in the backyard for Jim's collections.

Welcome to the sunshine state!

Friday, October 06, 2006

On the Road With Mosaic Mom 

Traveling…Part 1…

So we get to the motel on Wednesday afternoon, check in, and watch TV for an hour.
We are just dozing off for a late afternoon nap…and the phone rings…

“Hello,” says I.

“Hello, this is the desk clerk. I’m just checkin’ to see if you like your room.”

The hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention. I have never, ever had a desk clerk call to ask if I like the room.

“Sure, it’s fine.” I say.

“Okay, just checking,” she says.

Was she checking to see if we liked our room, or checking to see if we were IN the room?

Traveling…Part 2…

At 5:30AM on Thursday, it’s rise and shine for Plant Daddy.
Plant Daddy goes to the front desk, checks out and drives off with his friend at 6:00AM to look at plants.

I am in the room sucking up coffee, showering and trying to do something with my hair because there weren’t no shower cap and I had to use a trash bag to keep my hair dry in the shower…anyway…

I am to meet my friend at 9AM so I am watching TV and have just dozed off at 8AM when…

The door to the room flies open!
“Housekeeping!” shouts the little old man.

I get up and unhitch the safety chain.

“You not supposed to be in here,” he says. “You checked out. We vacuum now. You checked out.”

“No, no, my husband left at 6AM to go to the nursery. I am leaving at 9,” I plead, trying to slip my shoes onto my feet.

“No, no. I get manager. You not supposed to be here. You checked out.” He points to a clipboard with my room number, proving that I am gone.

I turn off the TV and whirl around to collect my thoughts and my belongings. Thank God I was already showered and dressed. There are now 3 people at the door all insisting I don’t belong in the room.

“Fine, I’ll go,” I grab my bags in one swoop. The cleaners are already shuffling towels toward the bathroom.

I am very, very grateful my friend didn’t mind my crashing in on her at 8:00AM. But we did have a great visit and a delicious lunch before Plant Daddy and I hit the highway for home.

Traveling …Part 3…

Interstate 10 is bumper to bumper both lanes heading east. It looks like I-75 before it was converted to 3 lanes. We decide to go home via HWY 19.

The city of Perry has not had the building boom that was predicted. It still looks economically depressed.

I hope they lost the football game. Grrr!

Down at Crystal River, we have to creep across the bridge. News crew cameramen have it blocked up. Judging by the number and variety of cop cars on the south bank, they are probably photographing a body being fished out of the river.

We almost miss the same turn in Inverness and almost wind up in Floral City again.

We arrive home and hug Zeus and swear we are never ever going anywhere again.!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

End of the 3rd year 

I have just gotten back from an afternoon strolling around Mt. Dora.

I spotted 2 nice mosaics...an urn for $99 (about 16 in. high and done in a floral motif) and a bench for $399 (yikes!) done in blues and greens. The clerk/shop owner said they were not done by a local artist, they came from a wholesaler.

I got some awesome tea blends and cookies as a housewarming gift. We are going to see Jimmy and June's new digs tomorrow up in the panhandle. This is their new house since leaving Meterarie (New Orleans). Yay! Fresh start.

We are also taking one of Plant Daddy's plants to the propagator!

Today ends my third year as a Blogger. Tomorrow starts the 4th year and to celebrate...I'm taking a day off! I'll be traveling. Look for photos on Friday tho!

Monday, October 02, 2006

SAMA Listing 

If you click the link on my page here...on the right...Society of American Mosaic Artists, you can see my newly updated photo...

At the SAMA Home Page click "Mosaics" then "Members Gallery" and click on my name!

Then click on "Mosaic Workshops" and look and you'll find my class for Lake COunty Education. Woo Hoo!

Then if you're like me, you click on the spot that says "Shop" and spend all your money on goodies!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


So I go over to the SAMA website and I get my personalized page.

I up load my photo of Bunny Slipper mosaic shoe.

I add a write up about the next mosaic class through Lake Community Education.

No Problem.

A few hours later, I go back to the site and I am not even listed as a member. Did I delete myself? Did I ever exist? Do I exist now? Nargh!

and what happened to the Bunny Slipper photo?

I sent a email to the webmaster. I hope to have help soon.

Little Mind Escape has come home to enjoy a nice fall day in the country...(or to do laundry). Either way, Yay! Kid's home!

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