The process of creating my mosaic art pieces.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

20,000 Visitors 

Sometime yesterday, August 29th,
Between noon and 6:00PM,
While I was at the dermatologist
Learning a hard lesson
About not having used sun screen,

the 20,000th guest visited this blog.

I am completely awed and humbled.
And at the same time excited to know
that there are so many people interested in
mosaics and gardening!

Thank you all very much.

The big Ernesto is blowing through today.
I will be working inside, listening to the radio,
finishing the beaded topper for the
Bisazza Mosaic Christmas Tree.

Later, I’d better outline the class notes for the Mosaic class that starts in 12 days. Have you registered yet? Call 352-253-6780!

And thanks for your support!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tropical Storm Ernesto and Random Acts of Kindness 

Two very nice things happened to me yesterday…

I was at JoAnn’s Craft Store… 4th in line and 1 behind me. Two cashier stations were open, occupied and humming.

A woman with short blond hair rallyed her cart past the front doors directly to a cashier station. She thought she’d just by-pass the line.

Groans from all 5 of us trying to follow the rules.

Well, the cashier dispatched Blondie to the end of the line!!! Yay! A rare moment of justice and reward.

Later, I arrived at the Citgo for the hurricane top off the tank chore. I followed a green SUV into the double islands of pumps/

To my amazement…the SUV pulled to the second island letting me dock at the first! What a remarkable act of kindness!

Then the woman got out and I saw that it was my old friend Lois whom I had not seen for a while. We had a nice jaw while we tanked up.

I bought a bell pepper this morning. Would have bought eggplants…they had both Black Beauty and Ichibans…but they had leaf miners really bad. In the garden my okra is looking great, onions are germinated. Tomatoes are poking along. Hope the wind doesn’t beat the crops up. Grrrr.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Love this! 

I read blogs all over the world. One of my favorites is a guy in India who visits temples...a temple tourist. (In much the same way Christians visit the cathedrals in Europe)...anyway...This is a church near Bangalore India. Don't you love it?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Volunteer Help Wanted 

Want to volunteer to help do bead work on the Mosaic Bisazza Christmas Tree Project? Holler at me via email.

No pay except for a day in the country doing mindless bead stringing...good therapy.

Mosaic Items for Your Attention 

Mosaics Class

Don’t forget to register for Mosaic classes…
Beginning Sept 11 running 7 Mondays from 5 to 7:30PM
At Tavares High School Art Room
Tuition is $76 for the class plus a $5.oo per project materials fee

Send checks to Community Education 525 N Georgia Ave
Howey in the Hills FL 34737

Mosaic Christmas Tree
All the tesserae is Finished on the Bisazza Christmas tree! Now to bead the topper and decorate the “branches”. A trip to (yech) Wal-Mart for cheap beads is in my future. No photos of this will be posted till it’s done.

Michael’s Crafts Mosaics
I ran into a sale on glass globs at Michael’s yesterday. Glass globs for 99cents! I stocked up. There was a man in the mosaic aisle looking in vain for some mosaic alphabet letters. When you see something you like, stock up. Mosaic supplies are transient.

High School Mosaics
The Tavares High School Art Club is planning another mosaic project. All five members want to mosaic a wall in the gymnasium. I’ll help as long as we’re talking portable panels. No more standing on a chair working directly onto 12 foot tall walls…and falling off…for me, thank you!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Mom's Mastik 

Mom don’t let Nothin’ stand in her way when she wants a new tub of mastic…

Not no man with a stop sign…

Not no giant truck…

Not a little old girder….

Not even this guy!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mosaic Wardrobe 

Mosaic Wardrobe

From time to time, Mom gets sad…
I watch fashion shows on TV…like “What not to wear”…and I think I ought to upgrade my wardrobe.

Then I ask myself, “Where are you going today?”
Answer:”To the studio.”

“Who will see you in the studio?”
“Zeus, the cat.”

“What is the temperature today?”
“Expected high of 94…probably a little hotter inside the studio.”

“And you will wear?…”
“A bathing suit and an apron.”

Turn on the radio and get to work!!!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie. Me and Plant Daddy 27 years!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Aunt Jo! 

Happy Birthday Aunt Jo!

and a Get Well Soon greeting for my cousin who hurt her wrist falling off a horse.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

GIANT PAPER FOUND/ art student lost 

A couple of years ago, a friend of Little Mind Escape’s wanted GIANT SIZED PAPER to draw on. We hunted and hunted for months without luck.

Well…today was a miracle…it was meant to be!!!…

I got the newest Dick Blick Catalog and thumbed right over to page 217 and devoured the offerings for Mosaic Supplies.

On page 216…
The page right next to Mosaic supplies…

Was a photo that caught my attention.

There was a photo of a man standing next to a GIANT SHEET OF PAPER!

He may be a short little guy, and he doesn’t look like an art student, more like an office lackey…but the description puts that paper at 108”!!!
Nine foot tall paper!

Unfortunately, tho, the art student is graduated and gone.

So if anyone knows how to get a message to him…

Dick Blick 2006-2007 Catalog…page 216!!!!

Toofer Tuesday! 

There are 3 radio stations I listen to while I mosaic...

O-Rock 105.9....altho this is hard core alternative type rock n roll, the themes in the lyrics are very much like country western songs....

for instance, there is one popular song now that says...I am a recovering alcoholic who had to get you to hate me so you could go on with your life...how traditional is that!

Mix 105.1...pretty bubble gummy but OK when I'm tired of the angry boys on the other station...and

96.5...I call this classic rock n roll. My kid calls it oldie moldies...anyway...

Tuesdays is Toofer Tuesdays...I love it! Twice the Zepplin and Aerosmith and Stones today on 96.5!

Expect a lot of progress in the studio today!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

August Max and Carole Little 

One of my stops yesterday was the Altamonte Mall.
I have not shopped at the Altamonte Mall in a long time.

For instance, the last time I shopped there, I was looking to update my Carole Little Designer wardrobe collection.

I cry, still missing Jordan Marsh. I remember when Robinson’s Department store became Maison Blanche became Dillards.

Burdine’s, “the Florida store” morphed into Macy’s, “the pushy Bronx-accent people store”. I used to go to the Altamonte mall every weekend but not since the Sanford Mall was built.

So yesterday, since I was out on 436, I stopped in. August Max store is gone. So is Casual Corner. I did a quick loop on the upper level and didn’t see any stores I recognized.

I left empty handed. I’ll probably run out to Sanford later this week.

Bye Bye Oscar Meyer 

My bologna has a first name
It’s O-S-C-A-R.

My bologna has a second name
It’s Bacteriaphage


The government says it’s Okay to spray virus onto lunchmeats and onto cheese so the virus can attack the bacteria growing on my lunchmeat and cheese and keep me safe?

The same government responsible for the Swine Flu vaccine causing people to get Guilleme-Barre Syndrome? Oops!

Folks, I ain’t never putting no more lunchmeat or cheese into my mouth. This has crossed over my “disgusting” threshold.

Plantdaddy is sad to lose his bologna but I am not having something that weird in my refrigerator.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yesterday Mom went with friend Deb to...

MREC-Apopka to see where Plant Daddy works...

to JoAnn Fabrics in Altamonte Springs...

to Simply Tomatoes for Lunch...

to Calico Corners for more fabric...

to Boca Bragoon fabrics...

to the Post office for stamps,
mailing Uncle Eddie a card,
mailing Amazon.com books and
mailing the Kouba tapes back to Stetson...

then Mom got an email that a magazine wants new photos of Viburnum and Liriope for an article Mom wrote...so...

Saturday Mom went back to Calico Corners for more fabric then to...

Walgreens for Bufferin then to...

Home Depot to photograph some viburnum then to

T and T nursery then to
then to Office Max

then came home and tried to photograph the Liriope where she finally dropped...

Mom Dropped at the Liriope 

Friday, August 18, 2006

Mosaic Doll 

This is the last week to see this mosaic doll at Tavares Public Library. I'll be taking the display out next Thursday! Catch it quick!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Deli Hell 

Deli Hell

It is 6:35PM.

Plant Daddy and I need a small tray of sandwiches for his crew tomorrow since they will likely work through the supper hour installing the new cytometer.

At the Deli, three workers are discussing a phone call from a friend of theirs named John. John wants to know how long fried chicken fingers can be retained in the refrigerator before they are deemed unsafe to consume???…

First employee: “I don’t know.”
Second employee: “Until they smell bad.”
Third employee: “Until they change color.”

Plant Daddy says, “I’m going to check out the grapes.”

Second Employee now asks for my order and I ask for a small tray of sandwiches.

First employee: “We can’t do that. We close at 8PM.”
Second employee: ”We can’t do that. We have to order bread.”
Mosaic Mom: “Use that loaf of white bread sitting right there on the counter.”
Third Employee: “We haven’t been trained to put meat onto bread yet.”


God help us.

Mosaic Mom complained to the Manager, who offered to make it happen. Mom declined thinking that they might spit in her food since they really, really seemed intent on not taking the order.

Mom and Daddy went home, cooked a pizza, chunked up a pineapple. Packed it to go in Tupperwear.


By 8:05PM!

Devorah Hexdall 

This morning I was thinking of all the "Deborah"'s I have known.

Debra Stanley...intense brown eyes but a nasty mean streak.

Derba Mayfield...very shy but with gorgeous red hair

My friend Deb...Hi Deb!

and then I remembered Devorah Hexdall...University of Florida 1973...radical feminist...didn't shave her arms...was Jewish but had named her son "Hanuman"

so I Googled her...all I got was this from 1973...
But E4A has touched the lives of many students and community people. Some students have helped establish totally new community services. One elderly woman involved in a food cooperative organized last year by Devorah Hexdall, wrote to E4A: "I am very pleased with the fruits and vegetables, also the boys and girls that work for the co-op. I hope they keep up the good work as we could use a lot more people like them to make a better place to live in."

Devorah...are you out there some where? Hanuman Hexdall would be about 40ish now?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bisazza Blues 

Since I have no Bisazza to work on today, I will stay indoors and work on the Kouba interview. That's probably a good thing since it is amazingly hot and humid out in the mosaic studio.

I also think I will write a short story about that annoying kid with a baloon on a stick in the line at Publix yesterday. Gosh, I wish I had had a pin!

Monday, August 14, 2006

No No Nooooooo! 

Went to Lowe’s….No Green Enamel Rustoleum…Grrrr!

Went to Target….No Listerine Rinse…Grrrr!

Went to Publix….”No, Cecil! Don’t hit the nice lady with the balloon!”…Grrrr!

Went to Bridgette’s….No Bisazza delivery by UPS yet….Grrrr!

Mosaic Christmas Tree 

Oh Happy Day!
Oh Happy Day!
My Bisazza order
Is On its Way!

Before the sun
Is set on you
I’ll have some

My Christmas tree
will grow and grow
Where it will end
I do not know!

Mosaic Vacuum
was a star.
And so was the
Mosaic car.

Oh Tannenbaum
Oh Tannenbaum
Mosaic tree
By Mosaic Mom!

I told you I was nuts!
PS The internet speed this morning is up to 45. Much better after a weekend low of 33!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mosaic Lesson 1 

When class starts on Sept 11, the first thing I will teach the students this session is how to use tile nippers.

Friday, August 11, 2006

New Phone Service Stinks! 

Embarq phone service is worse than Sprint phone service. I cannot get or hold an internet line for long. Postings scarce till this gets fixed. Grrrr!

Registration Opens for Fall Mosaic Class! 

Back by popular demand!
From Ancient Roman walls to modern glass tile sculpture, study the patterns of mosaic design, than compose your own masterpiece. Create a portrait panel, mirror, globe sculpture, or terracotta pot.

7 Mondays
Sept. 11 – Oct. 23
5:00 to 7:30pm

Tavares High School
Bldg 2 Room 112
603 New Hampshire

Fee: $76

Make checks payable to:
Lake County Schools

Community Education
525 N. Georgia Ave.
Howey in the Hills, FL 34737

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Adult Education Course!!! 

Get Published: From Start to Finish.

Explore techniques to improve your writing, and learn how to transform your story concept or poem into a polished piece of work ready for publishing.

Learn how to avoid common grammatical and structural mistakes.

Receive tips to research and enter the Writer’s Market, and learn how to prepare your submission for consideration.

6 Tuesdays
Sept.12- Oct. 17
6:45 to 8:45pm

Mt Dora High School
Bldg 3 Room 113
700 N Highland Ave.
Mt Dora

Fee $62

To Register send check to Community Education
525 N. Georgia Ave.
Howey in the Hills, FL 34737

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Writers Group 

Good Morning All,

This is just a note to let you know that




I will not be attending the Palm Writers Group Meeting on August 10th.

DO NOT GIVE MY MEMBERSHIP AWAY. I will return to the meetings soon.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Move along folks, it's just mosaic 

Yesterday I renewed my Mt Dora Center for the Arts membership. Yay! Now I need to get a few items made for the Christmas show.
I renewed efforts on the mosaic Christmas tree again...this time for sure.

A Nature Poem 

We're livin in the country
Where the views are wider...
Can't be afraid of no
Little Spider!

Monday, August 07, 2006

New Mosaic Face 

New Mosaic Face looks over the results of PlantDaddy's Miniature Pineapple Breeding Program as if to say "We are not impressed."

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Vera Bluemner Kouba 

Yay! Today I finished transcribing the second, and presumably last, tape recorded interview between Roberta Favis and Vera Bluemner!

I have 9 pages single spaced, unpunctuated of conversation that I will now make into presentable form.

This tape was harder than the first because Vera speaks German at times during this session. I have no idea what some of this means...I just put the syllables down as best I could. Anyway! It's done! Woo Hoo!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Spin is Spin 

There have been a lot of advertisements recently on TV here...in FLORIDA....home to RETIREES...for some new drink. "Plum Fresh" or something like that.

You can water it down and dye it pink but it's still PRUNE JUICE folks!


Friday, August 04, 2006

Grout Sculpture 

Here's a statue that Mosaic Grandmama made with grout!

Mosaic Difference 

What aren't you hearing this summer at Mosaic Mom's Blog?

You aren't hearing me bitch about the extreme heat outside.

I am staying indoors enjoying my new summer hobby...writing!

Yesterday another lady phoned about classes. Yay!
Classes start Sept 11. Sign up at 352-253-6780!

I've had 2 people contact me via internet wanting complete instructions for mosaic shoes. When I give them only the first step, they bail. Are shoes that hard, or did they want to publish the instructions as their own? Hmmmm.

Going later today to pick out fabric for slipcovers! Yay!

Will post a photo by Mosaic Grandmama later if I can work the wonky scanner.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Kid! 

What a great Kid you are!

(I might need a little help with the scanner thingy...)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mom is suspicious 

This truck sat over a half an hour with the motor running right across the street from our front gate. Finally I called it in. Two Mexican guys eating lunch is what the deputy said. At least they have a record of the tag number.
We've been burgled 3 times out here. Don't need that again.

Mosaic Poems 

Happy August !!!!
Is something going on tomorrow!?! August 2nd?
Je ne sais pas!

Meanwhile enjoy some mosaic poems,,,,

Take broken pieces of life.
Glue them to the Cross.
The Master creates new art.

Shards of memories cut me.
Mortar them to board.
Grout seals them off forever.

A hobby with a hammer.
What kind of girl am I
To sit and smash my dishware
And never even cry?

I glue the little pieces
Into a newer art
A practical new vision
Composed of broken parts.

My life is a mosaic
Some pieces dark and small;
I trust that the Lord Jesus
Is going to use them all.

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